Visa Agreements in Thailand

Visa Agreements in Thailand

There are a number of visa agreements which Thailand has with countries over and above the visa on arrival timeline which have been set.  This allows their nationals to enter Thailand for the purposes of tourism to the maximum amount of days allowed. This is given as follows by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

14 Days

The following nationals are allowed to enter Thailand for a maximum period of 14 days on a visa on arrival. If you have questions about this then speak to Thai Immigration.

– Cambodia

30 Days

Note that there is a full listing of countries who are allowed a visa on arrival listed in the VOA page of this website. These nationals who have only recently been added to the list are as follows.

– Hong Kong SAR
– Laos
– Macau SAR
– Mongolia
– Russia
– Vietnam

90 Days

Nationals for the following countries can stay in Thailand for a maximum period of 90 days. If they wish to stay longer then  they need to apply for a proper visa. Note that they cant apply for a work permit in Thailand unless they have a proper visa.

– Argentina
– Brazil
– Chile
– Republic of Korea
– Peru

Note again that if you wish to visit Thailand that it is best to check with the Thai embassy in your country about your visa status and how best to live, work or visit Thailand. Speak to us online or see our main website for more details.


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