The Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership

You can apply for the Thailand Elite Visa anywhere in the world. You will need to send a scanned copy of your passport, a PDPA form and a photo of yourself to an accredited General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA).

If you are approved for the background check process, you will receive instructions on paying the membership fee for your chosen package.


The Reserve Membership is a rare privilege that’s only available by invitation due to its extensive range of top-of-the-line benefits. It grants its holder a wide array of premium privileges that make it easy to live and work in Thailand, as if you were a local.

The membership package varies by package size, but all Thailand Elite Visa packages include an annual privilege point allowance of between 20 and 120 points to redeem rewards in the areas of travel, dining, wealth, leisure, and health & wellness. The Platinum membership package also enables members to stay in the country for up to five years and provides additional perks such as golf privileges, spa privileges, an annual health checkup, and a complimentary airport transfer.

To apply for a Thailand Elite Visa, you must send the completed application and personal data protection act forms, the requested proof of income documents, and a high-resolution photo to your chosen General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). They will review your submission to ensure everything is in order, which can take about 4 to 6 weeks.

Extend your stay

Depending on the membership package, individuals can select the length of their legal stay in Thailand. The Gold card presents a 5-year visa duration; the Platinum card extends to 10 years; and the prestigious Reserve card grants an initial 20-year stay.

The Thailand Elite Visa isn’t just a residency program with extra benefits — it grants a long-term visa that eliminates the need for re-entry permit applications and enables you to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle in a country you love.

Elite members are greeted by their personal assistant at the airport upon arrival and departure, facilitating all airport procedures and ensuring an effortless journey. During their stay, Elite members receive yearly health checkups and have access to premium lounge and shopping privileges at the top hospitals such as Bumrungrad. The membership also includes complimentary limousine transfers.

Enjoy a curated selection of experiences

Depending on the membership package you choose, you can enjoy additional benefits like yearly health checks, premium lounge access in shopping malls, VIP seating, birthday gifts, participation in seasonal events, complimentary hotel nights, golf privileges and more. The most exclusive package, the Reserve Membership, is by invitation only and offers a visa validity of 20 years, a lifetime membership fee of 5 million THB and ultimate privileges that are tailored to your specific desires.

With the new 4 available packages, Thailand Elite is now more accessible than ever. Its price compares extremely favorably to economic residency programs like Portugal’s Golden Visa, for example, which requires a EUR500,000 investment in property and a minimum of 2 years of residence. Plus, the program is transferable for a nominal fee should you decide to relocate. That’s an unbeatable combination! For more information, visit the official Thailand Elite website. Here you can learn about the different membership packages and their prices.

Live like a local

If you are looking to extend your long-term stay in Thailand and enjoy a curated selection of exclusive benefits, this membership is for you. As a member of the Thailand Elite Visa program (formerly known as Thailand Privilege), you’ll receive a long-term, multiple-entry visa that is affixed to your passport and can be renewed for up to 20 years. You’ll also be granted privilege points each year to use towards your curated experiences.

Additional lifestyle perks include complimentary annual health checkups, golf privileges, shopping discounts and VIP movie or world-class event tickets. The membership is easy to get started with, requiring you to submit a color photocopy of your passport, complete a criminal and immigration background check that can take up to 3 months, and pay the membership fee to start the process. You’ll then receive detailed bank transfer instructions and your membership card. Once your membership is approved, you can then schedule an appointment to have your visa affixed at certain Thai airports or the Bangkok Immigration Bureau if you’re already in the country.

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