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If you are married to a Thai national you may apply for a non-immigrant “O” visa, commonly known as a ‘Marriage Visa’. You have to be married officially as the government will not recognise a villiage wedding as being married to a Thai national for the marriage visa. You can register your Thai marriage or better yet have a Thailand law firm register it for you.

There are different marriage procedures fo each country and here is a full listing of each countries marriage procedure:

Marriage Registration for British Nationals

Marriage Registration for Americans

Marriage Registration for Danish

Marriage Registration for Australians

Marriage Registration for a Kiwi

Marriage Registration for Canadians

The list above is for the more common countries who register their marriage in Thailand. The documents needed for the Thailand Marriage Visa is as follows:

Thailand Marriage Visa Requirements

– Copy of your passport which is valid for at least 6 months;

– Copy of your marriage certificate; (both versions)

– Copy of your wife’s ID card;

– Copy of your wife’s house papers;

– Fully completed form.

If you are going to have your marriage visa extended for a year there are certain requirements which need to be met. The process of extending your marriage visa – in country for a year can be confusing and it is best to speak to an attorney to do the leg work for you, if you value your time. If not then you need to go to Thai immigration with the following documents and also not that this process take about 1 month to complete.

– Copy of your passport;

– Copy of your Thai wife’s house papers;

– Copy of your Thai wife’s ID card;

– Copy of any birth certificates of your children;

– Copy of bank book showing 400,000THB; or

– Copy of bank book showing 40,000THB monthly income;

– Copy of map to your apartment in Thailand;

– Copy of photos of you and your wife together (marriage photos)

If you have any questions, see our main website for more details. Note that you cannot leave Thailand after the extension unless you apply for a re-entry permit. This ensures that when you return your 1 year marriage visa is still valid. You also need to do 90 day reporting. In other words you need to visit immigration every 90 days to confirm where you live.

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