Thailand Elite Visa – Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Memberships

Are you looking to make Thailand your permanent home? If so, consider investing in the GOLD Membership package.

This provides a 5-year multiple-entry visa and privilege points that you can leverage throughout the year. After submitting your background check application and being approved, you will receive your member ID and welcome letter via email from the Member Contact Center.

The Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is a great choice for anyone looking to live in Thailand long-term. It offers a 10-year visa with 35 privilege points in exchange for a membership fee. Applicants can also bring family members along for 1 million THB each, making it ideal for families looking to share the Thai experience with their loved ones.

After the criminal background check is complete, an approval letter and payment instructions will be sent to the applicant via email from Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. Upon completion of the membership payment, the visa will be ready for affixing within 30 days.

In order to maintain a valid Thailand Elite Visa, members are required to report their presence in the country every 90 days. However, they can choose to pay for the services of an Elite Personal Liaison who will handle the reporting on their behalf for a fee. Moreover, they can also opt to receive assistance with opening a bank account in the country for a small fee.

The Platinum Membership

Unlike other visa programs that require a complicated application process and substantial packet of documents, this one-of-a-kind program is as easy to navigate as purchasing an airline ticket. A comprehensive concierge service is at your beck and call, from assisting with driving licenses to opening bank accounts, and facilitating business networking events and cultural immersions.

The Gold Membership is an ideal choice for expatriates aiming for a long-term stay, eliminating the hassle of frequent visa renewals and facilitating a seamless lifestyle in Thailand. The membership fee includes a 5-year visa validity, airport services, VIP treatment and personalized assistance, insurance, financial advisory, luxurious accommodations and travel perks, and yearly health checks. An additional member can be included for an extra THB 2,000,000.

For those seeking even more stability and flexibility, the Diamond Membership is an attractive option. With a 15-year visa validity period, 55 privilege points to freely leverage, and the ability to include family members for an extra THB 2.5 million per applicant, this tier offers unparalleled customization and benefits.

The Diamond Membership

The diamond package is for those looking to live in Thailand long-term, without having to worry about visa renewals or the paperwork. It offers a visa validity of 15 years and 55 privilege points per year.

The membership package also includes yearly health checks, premium lounge access in shopping malls, VIP seating and birthday gifts. Members can also participate in seasonal events, and receive complimentary hotel nights, golf courses and spa packages.

The membership program is designed to attract affluent businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs who are tired of dealing with bureaucratic red tape in their home country. To apply, applicants must submit financial documentation proving they have the means to support their stay in Thailand. They must also pass a background check and undergo medical screening. The application process is relatively quick and easy compared to other Thai visa options. A concierge is also available to assist with all the paperwork and help members navigate Thai life.

The Gold Card

The Gold Membership is a great option for those who want to experience Thailand and live there long-term without having to invest in real estate. This option also provides a way to avoid having to go through a lengthy immigration process and the hassle of reporting 90-days of residency every year.

After completing the criminal background and passport verification checks, an approval letter will be issued to the applicant along with instructions for paying the membership fee for their selected package. The amount of the fee will vary between packages, and can be paid using various methods including online payments and credit cards.

Once the membership payment has been processed, an official Welcome letter email will be sent to the applicant from the Thailand Elite team. The applicant will then be able to book their first visa affixation service with the Member Contact Center. They can do this by phoning the hotline or sending an email to the team.

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