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The non-immigrant “B” visa what people like to call the Thai work visa, is intended for those who are going to be employed or start a business in Thailand. Some embassies may still issue multiple entry “B” visas however it has become the norm that they will only issue a single 3 month “B” visa in Asia to those seeking employment.

In your passport the embassy will also stamp in RED that the next “B” visa you apply for must show that you had applied for a Thai work permit on the last “B” visa that you had been issued.

Some employers might tell workers that a “B” visa is a Thailand work visa, however it is not. The “B” visa does not give you the right to work in Thailand. In certain countries you might be able to get a 1 year multiple entry visa. This is valid for a year and is divided into 4 ‘legs’. Each leg of your visa is valid for 3 months after which you have to leave Thailand and return to activate the next leg on the visa. This is commonly known as a “Visa Run” or border hop.

It has become VERY difficult to secure a “B” visa and it is best to obtain the services of an attorney in Thailand, not only to apply for your “B” visa but also your work permit. The basic requirements are as follows:

Thailand “B” Visa information

– The Application Form TM7 (for extension of an alien who enters the Kingdom for not more than 90 days).

– A copy of the passport (main page, visa page, entry stamp page) or substitute document.

– One 4 x 6 cm. color photo

– 1,900 baht fee is required for an extension.

– A recommendation letter from the company showing the positions of the applicant as well as the position of all foreigners working in the company and for what reasons these aliens must be employed.

– Work permit or the receipt showing the alien has applied for such a permit from the Ministry of labor and Social welfare.

– The alien’s personal tax details including: balance, profit and loss, entity income tax, Vat records for the past year.

– Certificate of entity registration, company registration certificate of limited company or commercial registration or VAT registration and list of partnerships.

– Export companies must submit document of export transactions, i.e. bank or company transactions.

– The officials reserve the right to require more documentation for further investigation to verify the company’s viability.

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