Thai Visa for Thailand

Visa Agreements in Thailand

There are a number of visa agreements which Thailand has with countries over and above the visa on arrival timeline which have been set.  This allows their nationals to enter Thailand for the purposes of tourism to the maximum amount of days allowed. This is given as follows by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa on arrival

If you are visiting Thailand without a visa then you can obtain a visa waiver at the airport or as you cross the Thai border checkpoints. There are two groups of people in the view of Thai immigration. Those who can stay for 30 days and those who can stay for 15 days and have

Thailand Tourist Visa Information

The Thai tourist visa was created for people who wish to visit Thailand for the purposes of tourism. Not all tourists need a Thai tourist visa as Thailand does grant a 30 day Visa on Arrival (VOA) to certain countries citizens. If you are now crossing over a land border then you only get 15