Thai Visa for Thailand

Visa on arrival

If you are visiting Thailand without a visa then you can obtain a visa waiver at the airport or as you cross the Thai border checkpoints. There are two groups of people in the view of Thai immigration. Those who can stay for 30 days and those who can stay for 15 days and have

Thailand Re-Entry Permits

Living in Thailand does come with rules once you have a long term visa. The normally long term visas which people do have in Thailand as expatriates are the marriage visa for those married to a Thai and also the retirement visa which has become very popular.

90 Day Visa Reporting

If you have a 1 year visa in Thailand then every 3 months you need to go to Thai immigration and complete a form to confirm that you still live at the same address where the visa was registered to. This ensure that the Thai government always knows where you are.

Retirement Visa Information

There is a “Retire in Thailand” website which was created to provide you with what the costs and the facilities which are available to you in Thailand should you wish to retire in Thailand. Siam-Legal International also has a special section on “Retirement in Thailand” which you can view at your leisure. There is a