Spouse Visa in Thailand

Obtaining a spouse visa, commonly referred to as a marriage visa, enables a foreign individual to visit and reside in Thailand with their Thai spouse. The Thai embassy or consulate in the home nation of the foreign national issues the spouse visa.

The foreign national must fulfill the following conditions in order to apply for a spouse visa in Thailand:

  1. being legally married to a Thai citizen.
  2. possess a passport that is at least six months old and still valid.
  3. give evidence of your ability to pay your bills, such as a bank statement or an income tax return.
  4. pass a medical test to verify that the foreign national is healthy and free of any contagious diseases.
  5. submit the results of their native country’s criminal history check.
  6. fill out the application for a visa and attach two passport-sized pictures.
  7. pay the application fee for a visa.

The foreign national can enter Thailand and stay there for up to 90 days after the spouse visa is approved. The foreign national must visit a local immigration office after entering Thailand to request a one-year extension of stay. The foreign citizen must show proof of financial support and a letter from their Thai spouse pledging assistance for the duration of their stay in Thailand in order to be eligible for the extension.

It is important to remember that during the application procedure, Thai immigration officials could request extra paperwork or information. For more information on specific requirements and procedures, it is advised to contact the Thai embassy or consulate in the foreigner’s country of residence.

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