Sports Visa – Employment

Sports Visa - Employment

If you are looking at being a football coach in Thailand or a coach for other sports then you need to apply for a Thai Business Visa first. Much like the religious visa you need to obtain certain documents first before you can apply.

Firstly you need to obtain a letter form a Sports Authority of Thailand in order to be a professional coach in Thailand. This is very difficult to obtain and you will need this letter before you can apply for a business visa then a work permit as a professional coach. The documents needed at the Thai embassy are as follows:

  1. Application for visa; (TM.87)
  2. Copy of passport;
  3. 4 X 6 cm. Photograph;
  4. Application fee;
  5. Letter from Sport Authority of Thailand;
  6. A certified copy of Established Organization License.

As listed you need to obtain the letter from the Sport Authority of Thailand then you also need a letter from the organisat6ion who will be employing you for the task as a coach while in Thailand. The contact details for the Sports Authority of Thailand has been listed below.

Sports Authority of Thailand

286 Ramkhamhaeng Rd.
Huamark, Bangkapi,
Bangkok 10240

Tel. : 0-2186-7111 Fax : 0-2186-7508

Website :

Note that it is very difficult to get the accreditation in Thailand. If you need more advice then speak to us online or walk into our offices in Bangkok for more assistance in this regard.

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