Religious Visa – Employment

Religious Visa - Employment

This is not very common but there has been a slow up-tick over the years with evangelists arriving in Thailand to preach. What is needed is a Thai Business Visa however the documents for this would be different to a normal business visa. The following documents are required for the visa.

Note that once you have this visa you can now apply for a work permit in Thailand. The documents needed are as follows:

    1. Application for visa. (TM.87)
    2. Copy of passport;
    3. 4 X 6 cm. Photograph;
    4. Application fee;
    5. Letter from Office of National Buddhism office of Thailand or Department of religious Affairs requesting for Visa or Visa Status Alteration.
    6. The Certificated letter from the abbot certify permanent resident of the applicant.

Note that the Department of Religious Affairs falls under the Thai Department of Culture. Much like a Journalist working in Thailand you need to obtain a letter from a government department first. The contact details for the Department of Cultural Affairs is as follows:

Ministry of Culture, Thailand

666 Borommaratchachonnani Road, Bang Plad, Bang Bamru, Bangkok 10700
Office of International Relations
Tel. (66)0 2422 8941 to 48
Fax. (66)0 2446 8347
If you have any question about working in Thailand then speak to us online or walk into any of our law offices located in Thailand for assistance.


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