Thai Visa for Thailand

90 Day Visa Reporting

If you have a 1 year visa in Thailand then every 3 months you need to go to Thai immigration and complete a form to confirm that you still live at the same address where the visa was registered to. This ensure that the Thai government always knows where you are.

Thai Immigration

The following are Thai immigration checkpoints in Thailand. You will note that these are the international border crossing in Thailand and where possible we have added the closest immigration office to the list with a map and contact details for the office.

Thai Education Visa

For foreign nationals who wish to study in Thailand for a certain  period of time,Thai Educational Visa is required. There appears to be a misunderstanding as to what the Thai education visa entails and we will give you the basic outline as to what is really required. If the educational institution is a Thai University, the government

Business Visa Information for Thailand

The non-immigrant “B” visa what people like to call the Thai work visa, is intended for those who are going to be employed or start a business in Thailand. Some embassies may still issue multiple entry “B” visas however it has become the norm that they will only issue a single 3 month “B” visa

Retirement Visa Information

There is a “Retire in Thailand” website which was created to provide you with what the costs and the facilities which are available to you in Thailand should you wish to retire in Thailand. Siam-Legal International also has a special section on “Retirement in Thailand” which you can view at your leisure. There is a

Thailand Marriage Visa Information

If you are married to a Thai national you may apply for a non-immigrant “O” visa, commonly known as a ‘Marriage Visa’. You have to be married officially as the government will not recognise a villiage wedding as being married to a Thai national for the marriage visa. You can register your Thai marriage or

Thailand Tourist Visa Information

The Thai tourist visa was created for people who wish to visit Thailand for the purposes of tourism. Not all tourists need a Thai tourist visa as Thailand does grant a 30 day Visa on Arrival (VOA) to certain countries citizens. If you are now crossing over a land border then you only get 15