Documents for “B” Visa for Teacher

Documents for "B" Visa for Teacher

If you are going to be teaching in Thailand then you need to apply for a Thai Business Visa. You need to provide the following documents when you do apply for this visa at a Thai embassy. We have listed these documents which need to be submitted with your application form.

Note that the requirements do change however this is what is still applicable in 2013 with the Thai embassies in Asia. Note also that if you have had more than one Thai “B” visa before without having applied for a work permit then they will turn down your application even with the correct documents. The Thai embassy in Laos and Cambodia are very difficult in this regard.

    • – Application for the “B” visa. (TM.87);
    • – 4 X 6 cm. Photographs;
    • – Application fee for the Thai Visa;
    • – Copy of your Resume;
    • – Letter from the department concerned under the Ministry of Education; or
    • – Letter from the school or university where you will be teaching;
    • – Diploma and transcript of the applicant;
    • – Employment certification form;
    • – Copy of employment contract;
    • – Certified copy of the registration papers of the educational institution;
    • – Certified copy of the license of the school or university administrator;
    • – Copy Criminal record clearance;
    • – Copy of teacher License (if you taught before).

Currently this is what is needed to obtain a Business visa if you are going to be teaching in Thailand. If you have any question then speak to us at our offices in Thailand or ask a paralegal online. See our main website for more information.


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