Thai Visa for Thailand

Sports Visa – Employment

If you are looking at being a football coach in Thailand or a coach for other sports then you need to apply for a Thai Business Visa first. Much like the religious visa you need to obtain certain documents first before you can apply.

Religious Visa – Employment

This is not very common but there has been a slow up-tick over the years with evangelists arriving in Thailand to preach. What is needed is a Thai Business Visa however the documents for this would be different to a normal business visa. The following documents are required for the visa.

Documents for “B” Visa for Teacher

If you are going to be teaching in Thailand then you need to apply for a Thai Business Visa. You need to provide the following documents when you do apply for this visa at a Thai embassy. We have listed these documents which need to be submitted with your application form.

Overstay & the IDC

If you are living in Thailand and have overstayed your welcome then you will not like what happens to you when you are caught. The current overstay fines for Thailand is 500THB a day to a maximum of 20,000THB. This is only if you do not get caught.

Visa Agreements in Thailand

There are a number of visa agreements which Thailand has with countries over and above the visa on arrival timeline which have been set.  This allows their nationals to enter Thailand for the purposes of tourism to the maximum amount of days allowed. This is given as follows by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa on arrival

If you are visiting Thailand without a visa then you can obtain a visa waiver at the airport or as you cross the Thai border checkpoints. There are two groups of people in the view of Thai immigration. Those who can stay for 30 days and those who can stay for 15 days and have

Foreign Embassies in Bangkok

If you are a tourist in Thailand or you are an expat then sooner or later you are going to need to contact your embassy for assistance. This is normally consular assistance to help with the registration of your child born in Thailand or to obtain or renew your passport while in Thailand. Here is

Thailand Re-Entry Permits

Living in Thailand does come with rules once you have a long term visa. The normally long term visas which people do have in Thailand as expatriates are the marriage visa for those married to a Thai and also the retirement visa which has become very popular.