90 Day Visa Reporting

90 Day Visa Reporting

If you have a 1 year visa in Thailand then every 3 months you need to go to Thai immigration and complete a form to confirm that you still live at the same address where the visa was registered to. This ensure that the Thai government always knows where you are.

The 90 day reporting was never really enforced until about 4 years ago when the Thai government started to become very strict with this rule. Every 3 months you will report your address to Thai immigration or face a 2,000THB or 4,000THB fine for not reporting or even reporting late. The time limits are as follows. You can report 2 weeks earlier than what you should or you can report 1 week late after the due date for your reporting. These are the time limits. These time limits are in place as you can notify the Thai government visa registered mail and it gives everyone the chance of reporting by registered mail instead of going to Thai immigration physically.

If you are doing it by register mail then this is what is needed:

– Copy of your passport (face page, visa page, extension page & last reporting slip)

– Copy of arrival/departure card TM6 (front & back)

– Copy of previous notification;

– Completed TM47 form;

– Self addressed stamp envelope (20THB stamp) with your name on it.

If you have any questions about your notification then speak to us online or contact Thai immigration in the area where you are located for more information about the reporting process. It is much easier to simply go in and do it yourself instead of via the mail.

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