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Visa Agreements In Thailand

There are a number of visa agreements which Thailand has with countries over and above the visa on arrival timeline which have been set.  This allows their nationals to enter Thailand for the purposes of tourism to the maximum amount of days allowed. This is given as follows by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Tourist Visa

The Thai tourist visa was created for people who wish to visit Thailand for the purposes of tourism.

Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thai national you may apply for a non-immigrant “O” visa, commonly known as a ‘Marriage Visa’.

Retirement Visa

There is a “Retire in Thailand” website which was created to provide you with what the costs and the facilities which are available to you in Thailand should you wish to retire in Thailand.

Business Visa

The non-immigrant “B” visa what people like to call the Thai work visa, is intended for those who are going to be employed or start a business in Thailand.

Multiple Entry Visa

If you are going to try and obtain a multiple entry visa for business then it is best to apply in your home-country.

Elite Visa

Thailand Elite visa is the longest visa in Thailand. Worry free long term stay in Thailand, your elite pass to Thailand.
Thailand Permanent Residence

Thailand Permanent Residence

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Thailand Privilege Visa

Thailand Privilege Visa

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